Work at RGA

As head of creative at the Republican Governors Association (RGA), I was responsible for in-house video advertising production. I optimized creative content for all the social media platforms and ad networks we used.


Under my creative oversight, the RGA Digital team produced:


Creative Work for the RGA

For the 2018 RGA Annual meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, I produced this video to show to the attendees. I was intimately involved in every aspect of this video including all animations and interacting with voice actor.

In the closing weeks of the election, our team went to Iowa to support the Kim Reynolds campaign with graphics, photos, and videos. Here's some example videos from our field operation in Des Moines.

I made creative content for the RGA that was used in video advertising or posted on the RGA owned Free Telegraph news site. Here are some examples of those ads and other videos.

Started nationwide creative support initiative

The program was conceived as a creative reinforcement for campaigns and state parties with limited creative resources and staffers. At its peak, it supported 11 campaigns and state parties simultaneously through the closing weeks of the 2018 election.

Launched post-primary video program

Leveraging the media appetite for election-related content after primaries, I started a post-primary video initiative to feed this hunger. Our objective was two-fold: 1) define our opponents and 2) get organic video views and traffic from local and national outlets. In total, we produced 8 videos attacking Democratic gubernatorial nominees from Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.